The Appliance Underpan alerts homeowners to leaks before water damage occurs

The Appliance Underpan installs under your dishwasher to collect and redirect slow seeping water leaks before they can cause severe damage to your home!

Appliance Under pan water leak protection
Appliance Underpan installed in dishwasher space to protect flooring and cabinetry from water leaks

A slow water leak hidden from view may not be noticed for days, months, or even YEARS… meanwhile inflicting costly water damage to Flooring, Subflooring, Wooden Cabinetry, even Drywall and Carpeting – even into rooms beside your kitchen!

Appliance Under pan dishwater leak protection
Water damage to flooring and subflooring from slow seeping water leak hidden under dishwasher. Notice how the damage extends BEYOND the kitchen wall into the room on the left! Install Appliance Underpan today to prevent this extensive damage in your home!
Same home as above picture, showing water-damaged flooring extending into adjacent room beside kitchen – all from a slow, unnoticed dishwasher leak!

Dangerous mold and mildew grow in these damp dark places – all out of sight and out of mind until it’s too late!

Dark areas of mold and mildew growing on the subfloor around the dishwasher after a slow water leak went unnoticed by the homeowner!

Avoid spending thousands of dollars and precious time haggling with insurance claims and repair contractors by installing the Appliance Underpan.

Installation of Appliance Underpan is quick and easy!

When a leak occurs, water will redirect to the floor in front of the dishwasher, alerting you that something is wrong before it becomes a disaster.

The pan is designed to collect any leak amount and direct it on the floor in front of the appliance to alert you to a problem. But once installed, flooring sits against the pan’s front edge, hiding the pan from sight while still protecting your home.

Installation is easy – the pan sits on the subflooring in the dishwasher space, then the dishwasher slides into the pan!

Made in the USA

Our US-patent pending Appliance UnderPan is made in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA and designed by proud Veterans of the US Military!

The pan can be plumbed to carry water to a safe place or it can be used to alert the homeowner or resident of a leaking problem.

The first alert is built into the design of the pan with no plumbing or sensors needed. For further peace of mind, different sensors can be added as options. The sensors can be visual, audible or can even send a message to a cell phone.

Thank you for introducing me to your remarkable product. An early warning to a dishwasher leak can alleviate so much hardship. I manage over 350 rental units – this product could alert me prior to any damage and nobody would have to lose money or have their vacations spoiled.

R. Simmons, Maintenance Department Director