Kitchen and Great Room Tile Replaced

Visible problems in the home are certainly unpleasant and should be dealt with immediate resolution. Hidden problems can become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. 

I began to perceive tiny cracks in the tile in my kitchen. (This tile continues in the great room.) The cracks began to grow larger. I contacted a local flooring company. 

The nightmare now becomes reality. The contractors tore up the tile to discover that my dishwasher had been leaking and the subfloor was wet and beginning to rot. The subfloor had to be removed and replaced before the new tile could be installed. This was costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. 

This entire process would not have happened if I had the Appliance Underpan. I have one now, thanks to the diligence of my tile contractor. The nightmare is over. Thanks to my new Underpan, I can sleep peacefully.

D. Aklan

Avoid Structural Damage

I have recently been introduced to a very impressive product, the Appliance Underpan. It is designed to focus drops of water from appliances, such as dishwashers, to an alarm for early detection and early avoidance of slow, devastating structural damage. 

My corporation is quite competent in reconstruction at any level. However, when floor joists rot and/or mold forms, it is not a pleasant situation for anyone. 

When the kitchen floor has to be ripped up, the homeowner is displaced and incurs great anguish. Not only are they forced to live elsewhere, they also have the fear of what is covered by insurance and who’s pocket is this coming out of. 

I endorse this product and plan to install them in my new homes as they come available. 

J. Boyd/Blanchard Boyd Building Company, LLC 

Rental Properties

Thank you for introducing me to your remarkable product. An early warning to a dishwasher leak can alleviate so much hardship. I manage over 350 rental units – this product could alert me prior to any damage and nobody would have to lose money or have their vacations spoiled. 

R. Simmons, Maintenance Department Director

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